Reports in 0.7.6 (Nov 13 2005)
*Stereo MixOutput becomes 100% monaural when the setting is between 1% and 100%. Not linear.

Reports in 0.7.5a3
*Wave OutputAccording to this post (Mar 22, 2004 (Mon) 03:30), output wave file header is bad and the last 8 bytes of the data chunk are missing.
valkyrie, dirtfoxj, aircombjNamco System 2, 21Changing track cause very loud noise. (#75, #02->#12 in valkyrie, #32 -> #18 in dirtfoxj, any -> #43 in aircombj )
*CPS-1PCM volume needs to be increased. Checking the value now.
psychosPsycho SoldierJP ver has alt voices.
lomakaiJaleco Megasys 1#33 and #15 are glitcy.
jparkSystem 32Wave clipping at 0:04 and 0:12 in #001.
agalletAir GalletWoman's voice are missing.
hasamuIrem M72/M81/M83/M97/M99#009 lacks the main part. MAME plays OK.
dariusDariusWave clipping around 0:30 in #007.
toramichToraeno MichiHelium squeaky voice.
imgfightIrem M72/M81/M83/M97/M99#140 - #142 are not played.
cninjaCurde BusterSound balancing is different from MAME.
madmotorMad Motor#13 is a bug?
19xxCapcom QSound#529, #531, #532, #533 are not played since 0.7.3.
Update (0.7.5a3): CUI works OK. This happens only in Bridge, M1_MSG_STARTINGSONG is not returned for requests above #255.
f1gpstarBig RunADPCM playback freq is too low.
mx5000MX5000 / Flak AttackBass part (YM2151 channel 5 and 6) is one octave higher than the original, and m1 is 5% slower.
MAME is wrong too.
Update (Sep 15 2004): Ch 4 of YM2151 is not played.

Old Reports
*baraduke Starts of each notes are too early slightly. This problem is noticiable in Pac Land.
blktigerBlack Tiger#033 gets slower around the loop point. (around 29 sec)
espradeM1 HLE DriverLooping problem

Fixed (September 6, 2005)
*NormalizationNormalizer doesn't work if you set value other than 100 to M1_OPT_FIXEDVOLUME.
shagon, hangonEnduro Racer (ver.2) Beginning of the song gets clipped.
Update (0.7.5a3): Improved by shorter latency
ddcrewSega System 18PCM ROM mapping is wrong. 0xf0 should play electric guitar sound, not voice (achoo, achoo!).
*Year CorrectionsRaiden II: 1994->1993, Megaman: 1994->1995, spf2t: 1993->1996, stratof: 1988 -> 1991, cotton: 1988->1991
xevi3dgViva Nonno#129 -> other track causes an "unknown exception" error in CUI, stack overflow in Bridge.
ssriders, tmnt2, blswhstlAsterixPitch is high.
todruagaMappyLast track (#31 in todruaga) is not played.
pltkidsModel 2A/2B/2COff-key (#000, #011, #010 and others)
aburner2, shangonb, outrunSegaPCM + YM2151 hardwaresUpdate (Oct, 2004): SegaPCM:100%, YM-2151: about 40% (Comparison between OST and MAME 0.88)
*Viva NonnnoPlaying specific track(s) to crash. tekken2: #101, acedrvrw: #064, #208, xevi3dg: #129
todruagaMappyLast track (#31 in todruaga) is not played.
von2Model 3Year: 1996 -> 1998
*Model 2A/2B/2CAfter playing some Model 2 games, core cannot load other Model 2 games any more (it desn't send back M1_MSG_BOOTFINISHED message)
*VivaNonno HLEAfter playing some Vivanon games, core cannot load other VivaNon games any more (it desn't send back M1_MSG_BOOTFINISHED message)
tkdensho, deroonTechmo SystemROM mapping for ADPCM and playback frequency are wrong.
acedrvrwViva Nonno HLE driverAfter playing #068 or #067 and you load another game to crash M1. #068 crashes CUI M1 at once. Many songs are missing.
plusalphJaleco Mega System 1 (68k)#009 gets clipped.
doaModel 2A/2B/2CManufacturer: Sega -> Tecmo
souledge, souledgbVivaNonnoWave clipping noise at 1:04 and 1:30 of #27 and #01
mpagnjQSound CPSPCM voices are noisy.
rohgaDECO32#016, #018, #013 have many wave clipping points.
darkedgeSega System 32Half tone lower than the original. Some parts are missing.
tkdenshoTecmo SystemYear is 1996.
topspeedTop SpeedADPCM: 40%, YM2151: 19%
renegadeRenegadeJapanese version (kuniokun) has alt voices.
tharrier, macross2Many Block, Macross 2Because of the schematic architecture, YM2203 volume vs ADPCM is lower than normal PCBs. Values from real PCB:

static struct YM2203interface ym2203_interface_15 =
    1,         /* 1 chip */
    1500000,   /* 2 MHz ??? */
    { YM2203_VOL(99,30) },
    { 0 },
    { 0 },
    { 0 },
    { 0 },
    { ym2203_irqhandler }
static struct OKIM6295interface okim6295_interface_dual =
    2,                                  /* 2 chips */
    { 16000000/4/165, 16000000/4/165 }, /* 24242Hz frequency? */
    { REGION_SOUND1, REGION_SOUND2 },   /* memory region */
    { 9, 9 }                            /* volume */
thndrx2ParodiusI hear wave clipping noise at 0:17 and 0:15 in #142 without normalization.
techromnCapcom QSoundMany tracks are missing. Once you play any track after #18, no sound is played any more.
xmenX-MenYM2151 output is only from the left channel.
gradius, nemesisGX400#129 clips badly
selfeenaTaito BYM2610 SSG volume is too high. Causes wave clipping (#08, #22, #23)
Command handling issue.
supermanTaito XCommand handling issue.
ninjak, qcrayon, qcrayon2, gunfront, camltry, thundfox, dondokod, pulirula, liquidk, megab, yuyugogo, growl, yesnoj, qzchikyu, qtorimon, qjinseiTaito F2Taito F2 command handling issue.
drgnbstr, baraduke, paclandBaradukeLast track (#31) is not played since 0.7.3
gaplus, grobda, superpac, digdug2, pacnpal, phozon, motos, liblrablMappyLast track (#25 in gaplus, #15 in grobda, #22 in superpac, #21 in digdug2, #21 in pacnpal, #23 in phozon, #25 in motos, #19 in liblrabl ) is not played since 0.7.3
mazingarMazingar ZFM vs SSG balancing issue { YM2203_VOL(50,15) },
hharry, hasamu, quizf1Irem M72/81/83/97/99The default track is 0x02 in these games but they have music track at 0x01. How about changing it to 0x01?
hotdogstHotdog Storm { YM2203_VOL(50,15) } FM 100% vs SSG 30% will be good.
volfiedVolfiedSpeed and pitch is wrong. YM2203 freq is 4 MHz.
cadashRastan -> Rainbow Islands#14 to #21 and #23 to #26 are not played.
ringdestCapcom QSoundSongs above #299 are not played.
megaman2Capcom QSound#304 to #957 are not played.